How to Swap Your MorningStar Coins :

    (Please take your time when filling out the form.  Make sure all addresses are correct.)
  1. Open another tab in a browser.
  2. Direct your browser to the swap form HERE.
  3. Open your OLD MorningStar wallet.  (Make sure to make a backup, just incase.)
  4. Send all available OLD MRNG to this Address: MiDFCyCYLMhoTSViTFXpmkNjk8JALRhpuj
  5. Go to the “Transactions” tab in your OLD wallet.
  6. Right click on the transaction that you have just sent.
  7. You will see “Copy Address” and “Copy Transaction ID”.  Copy and paste each of those values into the form that is open in the other tab:
  8. Right click again on the same transaction.  Open “Show transaction details”.
  9. Take a screenshot of the details there.  Make sure to include all of the details.
  10. Close the OLD wallet.
  11. Open the NEW wallet.
  12. Go to the “Receive tokens” tab.
  13. Copy / paste your NEW address in the form.
  14. When the form is complete, hit submit and we will process your swap.  You will see the new coins in your NEW wallet.

That’s it!  You now have shiny, new, upgraded MorningStar.  Welcome to the future.

Old wallet available HERE.

Important:  Do not send these coins to any exchanges yet until they have updated their website.  You will lose your coins if you do.