MorningStar Payment Systems RoadMap

September 2017 –
  • The original MorningStar code is pushed to Github and the blockchain is born.

October 2017 –
  • The Windows, Mac, and Linux QT wallets are released via the website.
  • The ANN thread is live on
  • The first 1,000 users received 10,000 MRNG each and certain bounties were paid for completion of social media tasks.
  • MorningStar is listed on NovaExchange and trading commences.

November 2017 –
  • NovaExchange announces it will be closing its doors.
  • The MRNG team pursues new exchanges.
  • Many exchanges ask for the codebase to be updated.
  • MRNG dev team decides to rewrite the code to update the software, as to satisfy this request.

May 2018 –
  • The MRNG dev team completes the code update and begins announcing that they will host a swap from old to new coins.
  • NovaExchange announces it will not be closing it’s doors after all.
  • MRNG is still listed and decides how to proceed with the swap.

June 2018 – 
  • New coins will be swapped for old coins.
  • Windows and Linux QT wallets will be released.
  • Users will be able to trade on Nova immediately.
  • Mac OS wallet will be released.

Q3 2018 – 
  • Electrum Lite wallet and Android/iOS wallets will be released .

Q4 2018 – 
  • Work will begin on an “eBay clone” utilizing MRNG as the payment method.
  • Users will be able to buy/sell goods and services through the website and bid on auction style listings.  Escrow and shipping options will be available.

2019 and beyond – 
  • The MorningStar team will offer a payment integration app, making it easy for any merchant to accept MRNG as payment via their website/storefront.
  • Work with higher level payment processing companies and larger online retailers eventually leads to MRNG being widely accepted on sites such as Amazon and